About Treasures of Provence - Treasures of Provence

About Treasures of Provence

Treasures of Provence is the worthy successor of AMB-Cote d’Azur, an on-line travel guide I created in 2004.

The Beginning
My love affair with the South of France began in 2001 when I flew out of a very chilly, snow-bound Brussels early one February morning and landed in Nice airport. As I walked out of Terminal One, I found myself bathed in warm sunshine, exquisite light and surrounded by the most exotic plants. If a place could be a soul-mate this region was surely mine.

Every weekend I’d explore a different village or museum and share those discoveries with my friends and families in a series of emails. Those emails became the basis of a blog and that became the launch-pad, in 2004, to AMB-Cote d’Azur, a comprehensive on-line travel guide to the region’s many towns, villages, excursions and events.

As it grew so I met more people and guest writers such as Ted Jones and Peter Mayle shared their love and discoveries of the region with my readers.

Published Photography
My photos of the Maeght Foundation, St Paul de Vence, were published in ‘Icons of Twentieth-Century Landscape Design’ by Katie Campbell and published by Francis Lincoln (2006).

Sadly, in 2010 my husband wished to return to the UK and my life changed again. On the positive side it gave me the opportunity to attend several photographic workshops and training courses thereby honing my photographic skills and further developing my creative eye (and mind), on the down side I missed working on AMB Côte d’Azur and exploring the French Riviera.

The pull back to that region became so strong that towards the end of 2015 I returned alone to France and the region I loved.

In 2016 I created and produced ‘Out & About in Vieux Nice‘ for iPads. Through it I shared my love of this remarkable part of Old Nice with pop-up info, photos, diagrams and maps, videos and detailed information about each walk you can do while there (or from the comfort of your armchair).

The Creation of Treasures of Provence
Upon my return I thought it would just be a question of adding articles to AMB-Côte d’Azur but much had changed in the five years I’d been away. I realised nearly everything I’d published on AMB-Côte d’Azur was out of date. In truth I needed to revisit, rephotograph and update nearly every article I’d published and so, rather than injecting new blood into an ageing AMB Côte d’Azur, I created a brand new website: Treasures of Provence.

My aim with Treasures of Provence is to offer you the best online travel guide I can, giving you insider’s knowledge of a truly sublime region of France. Whether you’re a cruise passenger visiting for a day, a visitor with a few hours to spare or simply coming here for a holiday and wanting to plan your own itinerary beforehand – Treasures of Provence is for you.

I hope you enjoy Treasures of Provence and that it helps you explore and discover this beautiful area.




Alice M. Ashton (Barker)