French Candles – Unexpected Works of Art

French Candles

This was an unexpected surprise as, when I first picked up this little guy I thought he was made out of pottery. But he wasn’t. Instead he turned out to be a candle and a rather elegant one at that. And then synchronicity came in to play as suddenly more artistic French candles starting popping up everywhere (or nearly).

A few days later I happened to visit another little boutique in the area. Passing the counter my eye caught sight of these starfish. And they were candles too and, again, French in origin. They were so pretty I simply had to buy them (they were also the last two in the shop). Once home I decided to photograph them as a still-life photographic project. I thought a black background would offset them nicely so did a couple of test shoots and then, when satisfied, lit the starfish candles. Blind panic then ensued as I returned to my tripod and camera, took a couple of shots, and rushed back to my table to quickly blow them out before they melted!

Starfish Candles

True Works of Art

In fact, as I delved further into this shop, I came across other ‘nautical’ theme candles. I’ve always thought of candles as lovely to have but plain, sturdy, upright objects that fit into candle holders. But never as works of art. So my discovery was also an education.


Here are the candles that I finally bought and came home with. Apart from the starfish I’ve not had the heart to light up the seagull or the adorable sea urchins. Could you?

On closer inspection I found the markings BlF – Bougies la Française – on the seagull. According to their website this Parisian company was founded in 1902 and specialise in the creation and manufacture of top of the range decorative and perfumed candles. Well, they get my vote and I will certainly be on the look out for more artistic French candles!


I hope you find this blog fun to read and of interest. Please feel free to comment below and share your thoughts with me. I hope you enjoy Treasures of Provence and all that it offers …